Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why is there a demand of English teacher in non-English speaking country?

English is an international language,knowing how to speak fluent English is an advantage.It links people worldwide in business,trade and other form of transactions. Communication will be very easy globally if you are equip in English language and one of it is when you are working online.
Asian country like Philippines has a full advantage of this demand. Unlike other country in Asia, like Japan, China,Korea,Indonesia and other more, Filipinos uses English as a medium of instruction in school.Although it is a second language but most of the Filipinos are fluent English speaker.
Now the demand of English teacher has rise up because, many non-English speaking country wants to learn English and most of their teachers are Filipinos.
There are sites that offer online English tutorial/classes and many professional teachers are working, whether it is partime or full time.This is also one way of working at home that generates bigger income.